Read my Interview with MasterChef Finalist Jack Lucas

On a grey morning in London, six strangers sat in a hotel lobby, subtly trying to work out who amongst the other guests was wearing flat shoes – and were the people that were, their MasterChef rivals?
I was one of the six and I had the great pleasure of meeting Jack, Rani, Jess, Peter and Terry -before embarking on one of the most emotionally intense journeys of my life.

By the time it came for me to leave the competition I was sure of one thing, Jack would go far!

I know from personal experience just how passionate and talented he is, so it’s been brilliant to quiz him and find out how life has changed after becoming a 2014 MasterChef finalist.

About A Taste of Devon

I've always loved food with a passion, I've spent my whole life developing recipes, learning new techniques and cooking every spare minute I get, in 2014 I appeared on MasterChef where I received positive feedback from John Torode and Series 2 Winner Peter Bayless. These days I run A Taste of Devon - a website dedicated to the food and drink scene in Devon.
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