A True Feast of a Festival- Food Fest Barnstaple 2014

At a Taste of Devon we are always on the lookout for events that allow us to sample some delicious meals whilst enjoying some of the very best of the area. With the weather closing in on us and the rain becoming an ever present friend you may find yourself searching for ways to spend your downtime.

Let us suggest something to you!

On the 19th October the historic Barnstaple Pannier Market will be coming alive with a wonderful variety of beautiful smells and flavours. That’s right! The North Devon Food Festival 2014 is coming to town. The Food Fest is a celebration of North Devon’s finest food and drink with a whole host of vendors and chefs cooking up a storm under one roof.

There are not many places where you can sample such a great variety of dishes and produce. Cheese, bread, ciders and ales all grace you with their appearance and once you have sampled all of these it’s time to move onto the local meats, fresh fruit and vegetables or fish.

Not only do you get to see the ingredients you can also learn how to make the dishes too, with guest chefs appearing on the demo stage to show you just how you can create some of these appetising meals yourself. If that wasn’t enough then it gets even better; you can also grab yourself a taster of these heavenly dishes too.

The Food Fest is an event that seems to be growing with every year that passes and this year, it’s seventh, is set to be a truly explosion for all your senses. A Taste of Devon are incredibly excited to see what is going to be offered up by those vendors and chefs present and we are sure that you will also love this opportunity to take in some of the very best of our beautiful area.

So, ask yourself, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the grey, drabness of a British Autumn then to taste your way around the many towns of North Devon? We can’t think of anything!

The Foodfest is a delicious treat whether you consider yourself a foodie, or just someone who loves a great tasting meal!

Now in its seventh year, this year’s event is due to be the biggest and best so far!

North Devon Food Fest 2014

About A Taste of Devon

I've always loved food with a passion, I've spent my whole life developing recipes, learning new techniques and cooking every spare minute I get, in 2014 I appeared on MasterChef where I received positive feedback from John Torode and Series 2 Winner Peter Bayless. These days I run A Taste of Devon - a website dedicated to the food and drink scene in Devon.
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